Results from Day 4 of SOM 2 and Related Meetings

May 12, 2017, Ha Noi, Vietnam - The fourth working day of SOM 2 and related meetings began with the opening of the APEC Study Centers Consortium Meeting (ASCC), and activities of the Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Sub-Committee on Standards and Conformance (SCSC), Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG), Automotive Dialogue (AD) and Policy Partnership on Science, Technology and Innovation (PPSTI).

APEC 2017 SOM Chair Bui Thanh Son attended and delivered a keynote speech at the opening session of the ASCC Conference. Attending the conference were some 80 delegates representing APEC study centers, regional universities, Vietnamese research institutes and international organizations. With seven sessions taking place in a day and a half, participants will listen to substantive presentations and participate in discussions on issues closely related to the APEC’s core agenda and its prospects  such as liberalization of trade and investment, regional economic integration, sustainable and inclusive growth, human resources development, small and medium enterprises, labor mobility….

At the Workshop on Enhancing Social Protection, APEC delegates discussed the opportunities and challenges of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 on skill education and training, social protection, and suggested the ways forward for APEC collaboration in the future.

Also within the framework of HRDWG, the “Workshop on Action Plan of the APEC Education Strategy” started the second working day. Approved in 2016, the APEC Education Strategy envisaged that APEC by 2030 will have a strong and cohesive education community characterized by inclusive and quality education that supports sustainable economic growth, social well-being and employability of men and women in APEC economies.

The SCSC today organized three activities including “Wine Regulatory Forum Technical Meeting”, “Workshop on Maximum Residual Limit” and “Food Safety Cooperation Forum Steering Group Meeting”. At the first two meetings, delegates shared their experience and discussed measures to strengthen APEC cooperation on wine regulatory and pesticide usage. Meanwhile, the Steering Group focused on evaluating the outcomes achieved in the past three working days.

The PPSTI also had its second plenary session . One of the main item in the agenda was the drafting of the   PPSTI Communicating Science Policy Statement to be presented to APEC Leaders for consideration.

On the same day, at the "Trade Policy Dialogue on Identifying Building Blocks for Facilitating Digital Trade", delegates discussed the opportunities and challenges and assessed the policy frameworks affecting digital trade.