Halfway through SOM 2 and Related Meetings

May 14th, 2017,  Ha Noi, Viet Nam – APEC SOM 2 and related meetings continued with five activities from Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI), Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG), Friends of the Chair (FotC) on Urbanization, Policy Partnership on Women and the Economy (PPWE) and Ad-hoc Steering Group on the Internet Economy (AHSGIE).

SOM Friends of the Chair on Urbanization (FotC) organized “APEC Dialogue on Sustainable Urbanization”. Attending the workshop were some 150 delegates and speakers from international organizations such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank... In the morning session, participants actively discussed about the issues of Institutional framework, policy for sustainable urban development and urbanization. They were later divided into smaller focus groups to discuss issues including the linkages in regional urban development towards sustainability and Urban housing development adaptive to climate change, development models of energy efficiency and green growth.At the plenary session of the Human Resources Development Working Group (HRDWG), delegates discussed the preparatory work for the "High-level Policy Dialogue on Human Resources Development in the digital age" as well as reviewing the group's action agenda and its strategic plan.

Committee on Trade and Investment (CTI) also had the second working day, continuing to address issues related to facilitating trade, connectivity, industries dialogues as well as promoting innovative growth and private sector engagement. The CTI meeting will continue its final session on May 15th, 2017.

This morning, AHSGIE started their first meeting of SOM 2. Based on the group’s previous discussion in SOM 1, delegates continued to discuss issues related to the APEC roadmap on the Internet Economy. The APEC roadmap on the Internet Economy goals is to unleash the potential of internet and digital economy by promoting the adoption of emerging ICTs, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and encourage secure cross-border flows of information, while addressing the need to bridge the digital divide.

Today, PPWE organized “Workshop on Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)”, aiming at cultivating a STEM-Enabling Environment; Closing the gender gap in STEM-Education; Strengthening and Sustaining Women in the Field. This workshop will continue on May 16th 2017.