APEC committees begin their SOM 1 plenary meetings today

26 February 2017, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa, Viet Nam - The ninth day of SOM 1 and Related Meetings consists of 2 plenary meetings from Committee of Trade and Investment and Budget Management Committee and 6 activities from other APEC committee and fora, namely Economic Committee (EC), Food Security (PPFS), Ocean and Fisheries (OFWG), Competition Policy and Law (CPLG), Friends of the Chair (FotC) on the Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP) and Trade Facilitation.

At the CTI and BMC plenary meetings, delegates discussed their committees’ 2017 work plans.

In his opening speech, APEC 2017 SOM Chair Bui Thanh Son showed his appreciation on the role of CTI in coordinating the trade and investment agenda and the BMC’s role in advising Senior Officials on budgetary, administrative and managerial issues. He stressed "APEC is now at the critical stage of accelerating its efforts to achieve the Bogor Goals by 2020, which is only 3 more years to come, I believe the contribution of CTI to the satisfactory achievement of APEC 2017 will lay a significant step forward". He also encouraged the CTI and BMC to mainstream APEC 2017 priorities into their work plans.

Speaking at the BMC meeting, Dr. Alan Bollard, the APEC Secretariat’s Executive Director, updated member economies of the Secretariat’s work plan in the coming year.  Given the rise in anti-globalization sentiments, one of the Secretariat's new initiatives was to enhance communication, including updated APEC communication toolkit, which would help APEC engage more widely with general public.

The CTI also held a FotC on FTAAP where delegates discussed the FTAAP’s work plan, potential contributions from the business and academic community and next steps to be implemented in 2017. Meanwhile, the FoTC on Trade Facilitation updated on the implementation of Phase 2 of the Supply Chain Connectivity Framework Action Plan (SCFAP) 2017 - 2020, with the goal of reducing trade costs across supply chains and improving supply chain reliability that could help enhance business competitiveness in the Asia Pacific region.

Meanwhile, at the EC's Dialogue on Government Procurement, based on the contribution from international organizations such as the World Bank (WB), United Nations Commission on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL), delegates exchanged best practice sin government procurement including anti-corruption measures, use of electronic technologies, etc.

Building upon the success of previous workshops and activities, the CPLG began their plenary meeting today. Besides updates on project implementation and new project proposal, delegates shared members’ reports on competition policy development to help eliminate distortions, as well as promote economic efficiency.

The PPFS and OFWG continued discussion on their second working day. The PPFS delegates discussed in different groups on sustainable development of agriculture and fishery, investment facilitation and infrastructure development, enhance trade and market activities. Meanwhile, at OFWG, member economies shared updates from APEC centers relating to ocean and fisheries. Delegates also discussed the protection of marine environment, vulnerability of fisheries to climate change, natural disaster and guidelines for adaptation, etc.