APEC 2017 Logo

- APEC's spirit of cooperation: The APEC Viet Nam 2017 logo is inspired by an integration of APEC's spirit of cooperation, the essence of Vietnamese culture, and innovation and creativity. While the 21 sunrays symbolize 21 APEC member economies, the three colors - blue, red and yellow - represent APEC's three pillars of cooperation, namely investment and trade liberalization, business facilitation and technical economic cooperation. The circular motion is evocative of a rotating turbine representing APEC's dynamism.

- The essence of Vietnamese culture: The patterns of “Lạc” birds in flight, inspired by ancient Viet Nam’s Dong Son bronze drums, depict the quintessence of traditional Vietnamese culture perpetually tracing back to its genesis.

- Innovation and creativity: For the first time, the images of the “Lạc” birds in the unique patterns seen on Dong Son bronze drums, are illustrated through 21 modern, stylized, strong and simple strokes.