Media Notice No. 1 The 11st Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum (SDMOF) within Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2017


I. General Information:

1. The 11th Senior Disaster Management Officials Forum within Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2017 will be held from 21/9/2017 to 22/9/2017 in Vinh city, Nghe An Province, Viet Nam.

2. Media representatives who wish to cover this event should register online at (Menu Media – Section Accreditation).

Timeline for online media registration:  from 16/9/2017 to 18/9/2017.

3. Passport and Visa requirements:
Media representatives coming from overseas are required to possess passports or other applicable travel documents being valid at least 6 months with press visas upon their entries to Viet Nam.
Media representatives from economies which do not have visa exemption agreements with Viet Nam are advised to contact the respective-Viet Nam Embassies/Consulates in the Media Registration Form (visa pick-up place) to apply/pick up entries visa to Viet Nam.

II. Tentative Press Program:

*Venue: Muong Thanh hotel, 13 Quang Trung Street, Vinh city, Nghe An Province.





Time for media



8h30 – 9h00



9h00 – 9h30


5-10 mins

9h45 – 10h00

Group photo


10h00 – 10h20

Coffee Break


10h20 – 11h40

PLENARY SESSION 1: Overview of information technology applications and enhancing regional cooperation I reducing disaster risk

5-10 mins

12h15 – 13h30



14h00 – 15h15

Thematic session 1: Developing solutions for information infrastructure operation in natural disaster risk reduction

5-10 mins

15h25 – 15h40

Coffee Break


15h40 – 17h00

Thematic session 2: Innovating science and technology in prevention of natural disaster to deal with new normal natural disasters: Landslide in the coastal area, landslide – flood, heavy-super storm and tsunami

5-10 mins



8h30 – 10h30

Thematic session 3: Enhancing cooperation in innovation of science and technology for natural disaster prevention to face new normal of natural disasters

5-10 mins

10h20 – 11h30

PLENARY SESSION 2: Recommendation on strenthening cooperation for promoting and innovating science and technology in APEC cooperation on preventing natural disasters

5-10 mins


5-10 mins

III. Contact details:

- For Accreditation and coverage arrangements or any further enquiries, please contact:
Press and Information Department,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam


Tel: +84 24 3799 3450/ +84 989949525

Fax: +84 24 3823 4137

- For visa arrangement and entry procedures, please contact:

Foreign Press Center,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Viet Nam

Mr Dan Anh Tuan

Tel: +84 166 666 8866